I am living the best version of myself...

Kate Harlow has changed my life dramatically. She helped me give a voice to a person who felt small and invisible. She helped me work through my darkest fears and insecurities, changed the way I perceived myself, that led the way for my true self to confidently emerge and have a voice. 

Since the Irresistible Woman Immersion, I have dramatically changed the way I think, feel and show up both at work and in my personal life. My sister who I’ve been close to all my life said this is the happiest she’s seen me - ever. 

At work, I am being heard and recognized for my ideas and drive. Even complete strangers have stopped me on the street to mention that they love the energy they feel around me. 

I am living the best version of myself, have reached a level of happiness I’ve never felt before. I am now showing up as the beautiful and irresistible woman that Kate has seen in me.  

Thank you Kate Harlow! I will forever be grateful for how you’ve impacted my life.

Zusette Vancouver, BC 



I feel more extraordinary than I have ever felt before!

Before I met Kate, I was in need of a shift. I wanted to learn more about myself and do some new work. When I learned of Kates teachings and how to be irresistible and attract love, I was intrigued.  

I signed up for the Italy Immersion in October 2017. Wow what an experience! Top 10 in my life for sure! 

It blew the few expectations I had right out of the water! How I am today is because of my Immersion experience. I learned so much about myself and came home with tools, and a new way of thinking. I feel more extraordinary than I have ever felt before. I am grateful for what I’ve learned and what I will continue to learn.  

I’m grateful for having met Kate. She has so much to teach us and we all need to learn it and be aware of it. She’s an amazing, smart beautiful gal with an important message for all women.  

Donita Kelowna, BC 



I am bold with my preferences and boundaries – and he loves it!

Before working with Kate, life was ‘good’ but something was missing. I couldn’t break through to that next level in both business and in my love life 

After working with Kate my life will never be the same. I got in touch with that part of me that’s been hiding out – that beautifully bodacious lover of life, not concerned with what everyone thinks. I’ve started dating and I am bold with my preferences and boundaries – and he loves it! (He knows right where he stands. ;))  

I am finally fully comfortable in my own skin. (I used to be jealous of those women!) I am happier, my walk is calmer, I dance more freely.  

-Shauna V Florida, USA