Love Expert and Dating Coach, Kate Harlow mentors, coaches and guides women to become completely magnetic to high quality love.  She works with women who are tired of love, dating & relationships being such a STRUGGLE. She shows women how to take their POWER back when it comes to men and love... so attracting life altering, soul satisfying love becomes COMPLETELY effortless.  Kate has coached, inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of women all over the world - helping them become the most bold, beautiful and BEST version of themselves. She has facilitated workshops, retreats and seminars internationally for almost a decade guiding women back to the truth of who they are. It is her mission to wake women up to their own IRRESISTIBILITY, so they can finally CLAIM the life and the love they so deeply desire . 


"I've spent the last decade coaching, leading retreats and facilitating life transforming programs for thousands of women all over the world.  

From single women, to married women....professional women, to business owners....actors, to millionaire's....

And there's one thing they all have in common.  




Whether they're seeking love, longing for love, searching for love, desiring deeper love, craving more love, wanting bigger love. 




Yet, most women have built an internal resistance to experiencing the level of love they desire. They've become jaded from dating. They're scared to put themselves out there. They're terrified of another heartbreak.  They're hung up over their ex. Worried about rejection.  Fearful of another failed relationship.  Overwhelmed from online dating.  Believe there's no good men in their city.  Worried all the "good guys" are taken. Never feel satisfied.

Women have been hurt. 

While ALL of this is going on, most single women feel an immense amount of pressure to partner.  All of their friends are couples, getting married and having kids. Facebook and Instagram becomes an explosion of "perfect" relationships. Their clocks are ticking...and they start to worry they'll never meet the one.  Or they'll never meet the "right" one.  

So most women end up settling in one way or another. Sacrificing their TRUE desires for mediocre. Settling for good, but not great. 

Convincing themselves that he's the one, when he's not.  


I believe this is TRAGIC


I am on a mission to help women reprogram HOW they do love, so they become completely IRRESISTIBLE to the deep, intimate, profound love they desire.


YOU are worth it"


Kate Harlow xo

Kate Harlow xo