Kate Harlow is the Owner and Founder of the Irresistibility Project.  She is dedicated to helping Women around the globe, become completely Irresistible to the Love and Life they desire. She's a revolutionary Dating Coach & Love Expert,  with a very unique perspective on love.  She has coached and mentored thousands for over a decade, facilitating life changing Talks, Workshops and Retreats all over the world. She has inspired and transformed the lives of many.  

Combining her decade of experience, background & education in counselling, business & love coaching, and years of navigating the depths of human beings and their complex emotional worlds – Kate has created an infallible system called the Irresistibility Method. 

This method and work is a Life Changing process that awakens a Woman to her own unique IRRESISTIBILITY - activating ALL parts of her that have been previously shut down.  When a woman uncovers her Irresistibility she can finally CLAIM the life and the love she so Deeply Desires. She becomes Unstoppable.

With an innate ability to see where her clients are out of alignment with themselves and in their lives, she fiercely guides them back to the truth that is within.  She is known to Awaken Women to who they TRULY are.


A message from Kate...

"I've spent the last decade coaching, leading retreats and facilitating life transforming programs for thousands all over the world.  

From single, to married women....professional women, to business owners....actors, to multi- millionaire's...

And there's one thing they all have in common.  




Whether they're seeking love, longing for love, searching for love, desiring deeper love, craving more love, wanting bigger love.  




Yet, most women have built an internal resistance to experiencing the level of love they desire.

They've become jaded from a lifetime of hurt and heartbreak. They're scared to put themselves out there, terrified of another heartbreak, hung up over their exes, worried about rejection, fearful of another failed relationship, overwhelmed with the crazy world of online dating, believe there's no decent men in their city, worry all the "good guys" are taken, shut down from Love all together or never feel satisfied no matter HOW many amazing men come their way.  


Women have been hurt


While ALL of this is going on, most single women feel an immense amount of pressure to partner.  All of their friends are couples, getting married and having kids. Social Media becomes an explosion of "perfect" relationships. Their biological clocks are ticking and they worry that they'll never meet the one, or never meet the "right" one.

So they settle. 

They sacrifice their TRUE desires, just to avoid being alone.  

They themselves that he's the one, when he's not.

Or they give up on Love all together. 

This is TRAGIC.

The ONLY reason a woman struggles when it comes to Love, is because she is disconnected from her OWN Irresistibility.  

Irresistibility is the KEY to Attracting Extraordinary Love.  And to keeping it.

The problem?

Women have been hurt so many times, their Irresistibility gets chipped away. 

So they stay stuck in old love patterns that keep them experiencing a world of painful rollercoaster love, heartache and heartbreak. 

But it does not have to be this way....

Irresistibility is your birthright. 

"Our task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself you have built against it." RUMI

Join me. 


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