Modern Woman's Guide

A Modern Woman's Guide to Extraordinary Love - TORONTO

A Modern Woman's Guide to Extraordinary Love - TORONTO


Every woman wants love. Whether they’re seeking, longing, searching, desiring more, craving deeper or wanting bigger love..

We are hardwired for it. 

But unfortunately - love is not as simple as it used to be. Modern day dating and relationships can be incredibly challenging and SO painful.

Join Kate Harlow, where she will break down old, outdated paradigms of love that are STOPPING women from experiencing true intimacy.

She’ll share ESSENTIAL tips & tools on how to completely transform your challenges with dating and love - so you can finally experience the depth of love you crave.

DETAILS:  There will be a selection of natural wines, an amazing group of women, a draw for a high skincare gift basket & microdermabrasion gift certificate - and a Love Talk that will completely shift your perspective on dating & relationships!   

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