Kate Harlow is a teacher, speaker and mentor on all things LOVE - and the empowerment of women. She’s available for Speaking Engagements, Interviews, Events and other collaborations!

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Short biography

Kate Harlow is the Owner and Founder of the Irresistibility Project. She is a revolutionary Dating Coach & Love Expert - with life changing perspectives on love. She guides women to awaken their own irresistibility, so attracting high quality love is effortless. Kate has coached and mentored thousands of women for over a decade - facilitating life changing love talks, workshops and retreats all over the world. She has inspired and transformed the lives of many. She has dedicated her life to helping Women around the globe SHIFT to a new paradigm of love, so they can finally end the painful struggle and heartache that so many women experience in relationship. Kate Harlow is a masterful teacher, coach & influencer - and is known for awakening women to who they TRULY are.

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The Immersion

(Upcoming: May 4-11th, 2019 Mykonos, Greece & September 29-October 6)

An incredibly INTIMATE, luxury experience carefully cultivated to awaken a woman to ALL of who she is.    The most SIGNIFICANT change occurs when a woman is REMOVED from her day-to-day responsibilities, habits and patterns….

….And is fully IMMERSED in a transformational experience that CATAPOLTS her into new reality - in the most Pleasurable way possible.

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  • Sensuality

  • Dating

  • Relationships

  • Authentic Power

  • Empowered Communication

  • Female Empowerment

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  • The Modern Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Love

  • The Ambitious Woman’s Guide to a Life and Love Beyond her Wildest Dreams!

  • The Single Woman’s Guide to Calling in Epic Love

  • The 3 Dating Traps that Keep Single Women Terrified of Tinder and Questioning if there’s Actually Plenty of Fish in the Sea

  • The 3 Major Blindspots that Keep Ambitious Women Thriving in their Careers, but Struggling with Love

  • The 3 Relationship Traps that keep Married Women Feeling Unfulfilled, Unhappy and Always Longing for More.

  • Fall in Love...with Dating

  • The 3 Common Traps that Keep Vancouver Women Fed up with Online Dating & Worried there's No Good Men Left in this City!

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  • What is the best way to navigate the modern world of dating?

  • Is it really possible to have success with online dating?

  • How do you keep the fire ALIVE in a long term relationship?

  • Is it actually possible to be happy with one person forever?

  • Why are relationships so hard?

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