Love Attraction


Discover EXACTLY What is Stopping You from Attracting the right Kind of man for YOU! 


The reason most Single Women struggle with dating and attracting their ideal partner, is because they have a love attraction BLINDSPOT getting in the way. This blindspot is a subconscious pattern that is stopping them from experiencing the deep, true love they desire.  

In this session, Kate will help you uncover your #1 Love Blindspot that is creating struggle for you when it comes to dating, men and love.

You are meant for BIG love.  You are meant to feel confident and beautiful when you're out there dating and meeting men.  Dating should be FUN!  Attracting love should be effortless.  

Are you done with the struggle? Book this coaching call and we will uncover whatever is stopping you. 


On this call you will....

Identify your #1 Love Attraction Blindspot

Gain a clear understanding of what's causing your struggle with love

Shift your perspective on what it means to be single

Learn the 3 Dating Traps that Keep Single Women Attracting all the Wrong Men

Work 1-1 with Kate for significantly less than clients invest! 


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Kate Harlow xo