The Awakening

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Just Imagine....

Every time you walk into a room, heads turn.  Your light is ON.  You are radiant.  You are more beautiful than ever. When you go out on dates, you have an unwavering confidence.  You’re centered. You’re grounded.  You are YOU.   You aren’t worried about doing or saying the right thing. You aren’t trying to be perfect. You are relaxed. You are fully yourself.  Men you date are SO intrigued by you.  They find you intoxicating.  You leave a date and don’t even look at your phone after.  You feel so filled up inside of yourself, that you don’t need the guy to text you or validate you in ANY way.  YOU are completely magnetic.

You are an IRRESISTIBLE Woman.


About The IrresistibILITY METHOD


The 'Irresistibility Method' is an online training program that has been carefully cultivated to end the struggle of the 'old paradigm of love' and unlock a woman to her own unique irresistibility.

What is the old paradigm of love?

Most dating advice out there tells women to follow x, y, z, to get the guy...or make a checklist of your dream man to attract love. 

The problem?

It's the WRONG focus.  Everything is about him. 

Women contourt themselves, sacrifice their true desires and settle when it comes to love. 

The Irresistibility Method awakens a woman to ALL of who she really is, so she can effortlessly attract the RIGHT partner. 

It is not about tricks, strategies or tactics to get the guy - it's about unlocking ALL shut down aspects of yourself, so you become a magnet to high quality, extraordinary love. 

This program is designed to rewire HOW you do love.

Women are constantly complaining about the quality of men that are around

WHATEVER your story is, whatever struggle - the common denominator is YOU.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

YOU have to change something to experience something different.

When a woman awakens ALL of who she is and OWNS her IRRESISTIBILITY.

EVERYTHING shifts.  

LITERALLY everything.

You will learn how to fully embody the 5 Core Elements of an Irresistible Woman, and completely shift the quality of love you attract.

You will become irresistible to ALL that you desire. 

And best of all, you will have a deeper, more loving relationship with YOU. 

This program is NOT for everyone. It takes boldness. It takes courage.  It takes massive commitment.

Are YOU ready for lasting love?


How do you know if this program is for YOU?


You are DONE with chasing all the wrong men, and are ready to be CLAIMED by the right one 

You are tired of thinking about your EX boyfriend, and ready to attract a man who’s TRULY worthy of your love

You are frustrated from failed relationships, and ready to have a THRIVING one

You are DONE with waiting by the phone for a guy to text or call you back

You are overwhelmed by the crazy world of online dating and ready for love to come EASY

You are sick of being asked how you’re STILL single

You are tired of settling for “good” relationships- and ready for PROFOUND love

You worry you might never find "the one"


You are a fit for this program if:


You are 100% committed to doing what it takes

 You are ready to expand and grow yourself

You are willing to invest time, energy & money to get the result you desire

You are willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone

You are willing to put your dating life on HOLD

You are open to honest and direct feedback



Ask yourself THIS...


Are YOU willing to do what it takes for LOVE?


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