Professional Dating Coach Kate Harlow Presents...

A night of WINE Tasting & LOVE Talks


Monday, April 10th, 2017


The Modern Woman's Guide to Calling in EPIC Love 

Discover Your #1 Blindspot that is Keeping You From Attracting the Love of Your Life!  


You will learn.....


  • The #1 Blindspot that is keeping you from the love you desire & deserve 

  • The secret to making dating EASY & fun 

  • The #1 thing women do, that attracts all the the WRONG men

  • The real reason why there's no good, available men in YOUR city 

  • The key to becoming IRRESISTIBLE to the RIGHT man for you

  • How to turn your love blindspot, into your superpower


WARNING: Space is limited and there are only a few seats left!


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