Core Element 004: Sacredly Selfish

Core Element 004: Sacredly Selfish



Women are so deeply programmed to put other's FIRST, to sacrifice, to bend over backwards, to OVER function in all relationships. Our mothers did it, our grandmothers did it, our great grandmothers did it....and so must we, right?!

When a woman is overextending herself, she has barely anything left to give. She's constantly running on empty. She's riddled with buried resentment and anger towards the people she loves the most.  And eventually her body will SHUT down. 

When a woman is SACREDLY selfish...puts HERself first, honours her body, nourishes herself, is deeply devoted to HER own pleasure and desire. THIS woman has an abundance of energy to GIVE.  

Being sacredly selfish, is the ONLY way to be truly generous. It must start with YOU.  

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