Brilliance is your Birthright

We are born into a family we don't choose. 

We are given a name we don't choose.  

We are given a set of beliefs. Rules. Views. Opinions. 

The list goes on.  

Our family, school, teachers, friends and society influence the lens that we see the world through. 

And most people carry on in their life being who they were told they're 'supposed' to be.

Living out someone else's dream. 

Following the path that society carved out. 

Without even checking in to see if this path is the path they deeply desire. 

And I don't blame them!!

There's so much societal pressure to do what everyone else is doing..and SHAME if you don't. 

The tragedy is, most people don't even know who they are deep down. 

Most people don't even know their true desires or dreams. 

And they certainly don't give themselves permission to break the rules, live out loud and be whoever the FUCK they want to be. 

It usually takes a near death or completely life rattling experience for people to WAKE UP and take charge of their OWN life. 

And we are only given one to live. 

One body, one life, one chance to FULLY be YOU. 

To be ALL that you want to be in this life time. 

So this is my invitation to you my sisters..

It's time to WAKE up.  

Time to TAKE charge. 

If there's something in your life that you are TOLERATING....


And replace it with something that fills your heart with JOY, PLEASURE and FULFILMENT. 

You are worth it. 

You have SO much to offer this world.

I am completely over seeing women play small in their lives.

Sacrificing ourselves, our desires and our dreams to be who we think we SHOULD be. 

You have a light inside of you that is SO bright.  

It's time to claim it!!! 

You get to choose what your life looks like. 

Take charge. 

This is what the world needs more than ever right now. 

The rise of the feminine.  

Women fully in their POWER, their BRILLIANCE and their RADIANT LIGHT. 

Be who you want to be and OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE. 

It's your birthright. 


Kate Harlow