I'm on a mission to help Single Women become completely IRRESISTIBLE to the love they desire.  

I have spent the past decade Coaching, Counselling & Facilitating life transforming Retreats for thousands of women all over the world. From Business Professional Women..Single Women...Married Women - and everything in between.  

 I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours delving deep into the hearts of these women and there is one thing they ALL had in common.

WOMEN completely UNDERVALUE themselves. ESPECIALLY when it comes to MEN. 

 It doesn't matter how stunningly beautiful, brilliant, successful, rich, funny, kind, generous, fit, put together, or well dressed they are.,,the truth is, most women don't fully see themselves.

Most Single Women spend SO much time, and energy and money trying to find "the one".  Trying to meet a good guy. Putting themselves out there. Then feeling heartbroken when he doesn't call. Or doesn't text back.  

So they settle.  For a guy that isn't great, but will do for now.  

Or they settle for a guy that treats them like crap. Someone who sees their flaws, and not their magnificence.

And end up in a relationship that is slowly sucking the radiance right out of them. 

Or they give up on dating all together.  Thinking, I'll be alone forever. Maybe there's something wrong with me. 

Most women squander the time when they're single-  trying to FIND love, because there is SO much pressure to be in a relationship.  From the Fairytales, to romantic comedies, to the media, social media - we are programmed that a woman MUST find love.  And then theirs societal pressure..."have you met anyone yet? Are you dating?  Can I introduce you to someone? Are you STILL single??? I don't get it, you're such a catch!"

Being single does NOT mean there is something wrong with you.  It does not  mean there's a shortage of men in your city. It does not mean that all the good ones are taken. Or that you've missed your window.   And it's certainly NOT because you're not beautiful enough, thin enough, successful enough smart enough, or young enough. 

You are PERFECT.

I believe that being SINGLE is the most SACRED, SIGNIFICANT time of a woman's. The problem? Most Single Women squander this time away, trying to fill the VOID of not having love. 

They struggle to find the RIGHT man - a man who is worthy enough and deserving of their love.. Not because there's something wrong with them, but because they have not met their own IRRESISTIBILITY factor.  They have not discovered why a man is LUCKY to spend even an hour with them. They have not uncovered their own beauty, their own brilliance, their own MAGNETISM, their own UNIQUE essence that makes them who they are.

They have not taken the time to explore the SACREDNESS of being single, or uncovered the barriers they have built within themselves against love, that is causing them to attract all the wrong relationships.  

It is my mission to re-connect women to the SACREDNESS of being single, and the sacredness of themselves. 

So they can become completely IRRESISTIBLE to the deep, intimate love they long for. 

Join me on this SACRED journey home to you and become a MAGNET to the right kind of man. So you can experience a love that completely lights you up from within. 


Kate Harlow xo